Barcode Label Maker Starter Edition

Barcode Label Maker Starter Edition 7.80

Professional full-featured barcode editing tool with text and graphics support

Barcode Label Maker Starter Edition is the simplest of the three versions available for this professional barcode maker and editor. Despite its limited functionality, it will allow you to create, edit, and print any 1D linear barcode you may need, and include images, text, and shapes in the most intuitive way.

This professional application comes with a wide range of barcode templates that will make your designing tasks much easier for you. The selected barcode can be easily edited in an intuitive way, just by pulling and dragging the edges and corners of the image. Alternatively, those who require a higher level of accuracy in their designs may define the various configuration values manually. Thus you can set precise dimensions for the label, change the border color, the alignment, the width and height of the bars, the symbology (following the various barcode standards supported), the font, etc. You can also create and insert various graphical elements, such as polygons, ellipses, lines, text, and images, in the shape and color of your choice.

This Starter edition also offers you the possibility of using the Data Table. This is nothing but a useful Excel-looking database where you can store all your codes, and use them to create barcode labels in batches.

A Professional Edition and an Enterprise edition are also available, with support for 2D barcodes and the possibility of importing data from various types of databases and spreadsheets, among many other functions.

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  • Comes with barcode templates for all the most widely-used standards
  • Its Data Table allows you to store all the data you need to create barcodes in batches


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